The inception of Villa Sanpakoi began late 2014 during a family reunion in Chiang Mai. The business that had been passed down from our Grandfather was running towards the end of it’s course. Left behind was a piece of land in the Wat Kate district. Three buildings were built on this land long before the Wat Kate community set root. These buildings become the very foundation of Villa Sanpakoi.

CHIANG MAI'S LAID BACK LIFESTYLE HAS always BEEN A DRIVING FORCE FOR CURIOUS VISITORS hungry for unspoiled relaxation. Nested east of the Ping River in the Wat Ket district, Villa Sanpakoi is a compilation of over 50 years of history. Located in the Wat Ket district, Villa Sanpakoi’s architectural design take after the district's "zeitgeist" - Lanna-Colonial design - with a contemporary twist.

Villa Sanpakoi is located near the edge of the inner city, which offers a plethora of cafes, restaurants, and even street food to discover. Famous bars and shops near the Ping river can be reached within a 10-15 minutes walk. The Night Bazaar itself (Chiang Mai’s most famous night market) is a short walk after crossing the Ping River.