8 Things to do in Chiang Mai

Doi Suthep


Photo by Focuszaa on Pixabay

Doi Suthep is a mountain which overlooks the city of Chiang Mai. Traveler and locals can drive up the main road or trek up one of the multiple scenic paths leading to the top of Doi Suthep. Not only is this a place to experience a great view of city, but sitting on top this mountain is the famous temple, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. The temple is of great significance to the city of Chiang Mai. A historical temple which origin dates back to the 1300s. Doi Suthep is a holy place where many locals believe it be a source of prosperity and wealth. This can be seen resonating through the temples Gold structure. If you are visiting Chiang Mai, Doi Suthep is a must see.

Old City


Photo by Mith Huang on Flickr

The Old City is perhaps one of the most magical places in Chiang Mai. As its name suggest the Old City is a historic location where you can experience the reminisce of Lanna. Travelers can have a relaxing stroll along the narrow streets and enjoy the cities surroundings. There are plenty of small shops, cafes, restaurant to uncover. Rich with culture, the heart of Old City also contains temples such as War Phra Singh and What Chedi Luang.

Thapae Gate


Photo by Hartmann Linge on Wikimedia

Thapae Gate (Tha Pae) is one the most famous gate that leads into the Old City. Original built to protect the city from the nearby invaders. It’s now a history landmark surround by many great cafes, shops and restaurant. Here visitors can take photos with the historic gate. The front of the gate is a spacious square where many cultural events are held. So frequent visits to Thapae Gate might yield different results.

Elephants Sanctuary


Photo by Mittmac on pixabay

No trip to Chiang Mai is completed without a trip to the one of the elephant sanctuaries and chiang Mai is home too many these. These sanctuaries focus on providing care to the elephants providing them with a safe places. These elephants are often rescued from their previous encampments. Relocated to ensured they can live in their natural environment. Due to this while visiting these sanctuary you are not allowed to ride them. Rather, you can bathe, feed them, and snag a few photos with them. This is one of Chiang Mai’s top activities.  

Spa & Wellness

Thailand is home a plethora of health tourism services. One of most prominent business in this industry are spas. Spa’s offer a great way to relax and rejuvenate you mind ,body and spirit. Thailand is home to some of the worlds most renowned spa. Luckily, Chiang Mai is no stranger to these wellness facilities. These accommodations offers a variety of services to indulge on. Services such as full body Thai massages, luxurious oil massages, milky bath, and even facial treatment. You find these experiences in practically ever street. If you’re in Chiang Mai looking for relaxation, you should defiantly check out the spa’s in Chiang Mai.

Weekend Market


Photo by Adbar on Wikimedia

No city is complete without having a few weekend markets. In Chiang Mai are a couple weekend markets to visit. One happens on Saturday night and the other on Sunday night. The Saturday night market starts at around 6:00pm at Wua Lai road. While the Sunday night market starts a 6:00pm inside the Old City. The weekend markets are a great place to purchase unique local commodities ranging from handcrafted souvenir to handmade decor. Discovery tasty cuisines while browsing these streets sold from various food carts. Should you feel tired and need a break, you can stop by one of the massage venders to receive a relaxing massage. If you are here on the weekends you should defiantly them check out.

Warorot Market


Photo by Manop on Wikimedia

Speaking of markets if you happened to find yourself in the mood to explore the city during the day. You should visit Warorot market. Warorot Market is a great place to experience to local life. Witness the daily lives of the Chiang Mai locals. Here you can purchase the exotic fruits, have a bite, or purchase gifts. Tourist looking to fill their cravings of mango sticky rice, durian, and rambootan are in for a treat. The market is also located next to the Ping river which makes for a perfect stroll. If you have a bit extra time you can cross the river on the walking bridge to visit Was Ket Temple a local temple in the area.

Doi Inthanon


Photo by Bharath Mohan on Unsplash

Lastly, if you have a few additional days in Chiang Mai Doi Inthanon National Park is a place we highly recommend. Doi Inthanon sits at 2,565 m elevation making it the highest point in Thailand. Its a place to experience the natural beauty and witness Chiang Mai’s amazing outdoor. Outdoor loving travelers will enjoy the numerous scenic hikes along the mountain. This national park has numerous trekking trails to explore. Along the mountain are home to many exotic plants. It’s a sanctuary for over 300 animal species, which makes it a prime place to go bird watching. If hiking isn’t your forte, you can still enjoy the amazing view from the various view points. The main attraction to Doi Inthanon are the 2 Chedis erected on Doi Inthanon. These 2 structures were built as monument to the king & queen of Thailand and are a must see if you visit Doi Inthanon.